POSTED ON: 08/01/2017

Hi everyone! Since we are slow on news, you can see our latest addition to the gallery as we have completed the Burn Notice section 😉

0075.jpg 0209.jpg 0062.jpg 0115.jpg

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Television Productions > (2013) Burn Notice

POSTED ON: 07/17/2017

POSTED ON: 07/08/2017

Alona is featured in a israeli magazine called AT! This is her first photoshoot from 2017, hopefully more will came!

001.jpg 002.jpg

Studio Photoshoots > Session 047 (AT Magazine)

POSTED ON: 07/03/2017

We finally had access to ‘HostagesSeason 2 and have uploaded screencaps of the episodes Alona is in! She plays Zohar, and there are some intense scenes 😉

0045.jpg 0174.jpg 0118.jpg 0211.jpg

0195.jpg 0120.jpg 0154.jpg 0044.jpg

Television Productions > (2016) Hostages

POSTED ON: 06/26/2017

The first trailer, that includes Alona as Emma on the first trailer of ‘Do You Take This Man’! Along with a few new production stills:

007.jpg 006.jpg 001.jpg 002.jpg

Film Productions > (2016) Do You Take This Man

POSTED ON: 06/24/2017

You can watch the S2 of ‘Hostages’ featuring Alona has Zohar on Netflix ! The DVD is also selling on ebay and amazon 🙂 If you’re living in more countries, this is where you can watch it: Germany + Brasil 

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Television Productions > (2016) Hostages > Posters

Television Productions > (2016) Hostages > Promotional Pictures

Television Productions > (2016) Hostages > Episode Stills


POSTED ON: 06/21/2017

Added a few more images to the gallery, on the movies section!

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Film Productions > (2014) Rescuing Madison > Production Stills

POSTED ON: 06/15/2017

Welcome to our brand new main page theme! We have a springy theme for our 2.0 version thanks to KaciElizabeth. And to celebrate this brand new theme, we have saw «Opening Night» and only have good things to say about it!! See screencaps over our gallery:

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Film Productions > (2016) Opening Night



POSTED ON: 06/14/2017

Added screencaps from tv movie ‘Rescuing Madison’! We are currently trying to get ‘Hands of God S2’ screencaps too so keep visiting 😀

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Film Productions > (2014) Rescuing Madison > Screencaps

POSTED ON: 06/13/2017

You can now rent/ buy ‘Opening Night’ on Amazon! Click here for more information.

A failed Broadway singer who now works as a production manager must save opening night on his new production by wrangling his eccentric cast and crew.