POSTED ON: 09/17/2018

Alona’s character Stella is featured on 00:06 entitled ‘Family‘ with hubby Clay Spencer in a short, yet wet scene!

POSTED ON: 09/01/2018

Hi everyone! As Alona seems slow on news, we have gathered new screencaps from one of her latest projects: Do You Take This Man, is now available on iTunes and Amazon!

0005.jpg 0046.jpg 0188.jpg 0236.jpg 0279.jpg

 Film Productions > (2016) Do You Take This Man > Screencaps

POSTED ON: 08/08/2018

Starting on August 2nd, Alona will be featured among other israeli actresses on a «Mother» exhibition in Israel at the TLV Mall. Here is the featured picture:


Studio Photoshoots > Session 51 (Israeli Exhibition)

POSTED ON: 06/29/2018

We finally added screencaps and episode stills from the TV Serie where Alona was a main character! ‘Cult‘ is now available over our gallery (still missing a few episodes though, but can’t seem to find them anywhere..):

062.jpg 037.jpg 007.jpg 020.jpg

008.jpg 037.jpg 005.jpg 046.jpg

Television Productions > (2013) Cult


POSTED ON: 06/18/2018

Alona was in Israel for a few days where not only she attended a few events (soon will have pics on the gallery) but she was on a talk show, I don’t understand hebrew but here is the video and maybe a fan will translate it for us! Enjoy pictures as well:

003.jpg 019.jpg 032.jpg 063.jpg

Screencaptures > Interviews > 2018 – Isrealy TV #4

007.jpg 002.jpg 005.jpg 003.jpg

Appearances > 2018 > ??.??.?? Israel Talk Show

POSTED ON: 06/04/2018

Hi everyone! Sorry for being so late, but here are caps from the two last episodes Alona was in on the tv series Seal Team. Hopefully a new project will appear, in the meantime, Seal Team has been officially renewed for a Season 2!

0002.jpg 0004.jpg 0006.jpg 0009.jpg

Television Productions > (2017) SEAL Team > (Screencaps) 1×20: Enemy Of My Enemy

0003.jpg 0019.jpg 0023.jpg 0034.jpg

 Television Productions > (2017) SEAL Team > (Screencap) 1×22: The Cost Of Doing Business

POSTED ON: 04/04/2018

POSTED ON: 03/17/2018

Alona shared on her twitter two brand new pictures taken for a Israeli magazine:

003.jpg 004.jpg

 Studio Photoshoots > Session 049 (Yediot Ahronot)

POSTED ON: 03/09/2018

Hi everyone, as Alona is pretty slow on news, we added (low) screencaps to the gallery from the israeli tv series Prime Minister’s Children, Season 2:

0064.jpg 0063.jpg 0106.jpg 0198.jpg

 Television Productions > (2011) Prime Minister’s Children

POSTED ON: 02/09/2018