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Alona is the cover of a israeli magazine called Yediot Ahronot. She has been cover of it before, but we now have the cover photo and two pictures from the photoshoot thanks to Alona publishing two of them!

001.jpg 001.jpg 002.jpg

Magazine Scans > (2018) February – Yediot Ahronot

Studio Photoshoots > Session 049 (Yediot Ahronot)

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We finally added ‘Broken City‘ caps to our gallery! Check them out:

0014.jpg 0053.jpg 0116.jpg 0140.jpg

Film Productions > (2013) Broken City > Screencaps

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We all know Alona is a avid supporter on Kickstarter, and here is one of the most recent projects she is backing up!

The Backstrong Chair has a ergonomic design that saves your back! See the project on Kickstarter here.

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Hi everyone! As one of the first tv role (if not her first!) in Israel, Alona played a teenager who worked/lived in a family hotel. Can’t find much on it, but here are screencaps from S1:

 0077.jpg 0047.jpg 0017.jpg 0164.jpg

0078.jpg 0104.jpg 0123.jpg 0109.jpg

Television Productions > (2003) Maya Vacation Rentals