POSTED ON: 03/29/2019

We didn’t catch up for Seal Team before, but now you can find 2×11, 2×12 and 2×14 screencaps over the gallery!

003.jpg 013.jpg 028.jpg 045.jpg 052.jpg

SEAL Team > Season 2 > (Screencaps) 2×11: Backwards in High Heels

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(2017) SEAL Team > Season 2 > (Screencaps) 2×12: Things Not Seen

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(2017) SEAL Team > Season 2 > (Screencaps) 2×14: What Appears To Be

POSTED ON: 11/06/2018

During the last three weeks, Alona was only part of 2×03 episode of Seal Team. Enjoy:

0005.jpg 0018.jpg 0023.jpg 0043.jpg 0069.jpg  

 Television Productions > (2017) SEAL Team > Season 2 > (Screencaps) 2×03: The Worst of Conditions

POSTED ON: 10/16/2018

Hi everyone! Alona was featured in two small scenes on Episode 1 and Episode 2 from Season 2 of Seal Team which premiered on October 3rd! Enjoy:

003.jpg 020.jpg 027.jpg 035.jpg 043.jpg

006.jpg 020.jpg 029.jpg 037.jpg 056.jpg

Television Productions > (2017) SEAL Team > (Screencaps) 2×01: Fracture

Television Productions > (2017) SEAL Team > (Screencaps) 2×02: Never Say Die

POSTED ON: 09/21/2018

Hi everyone! Similar to last year, Alona promoted the Meir Shavit’s clothing brand 36 Pixcell. None of the clothes are available for sale yet, but once they are, we will let you know! Enjoy the first pictures:

001.jpg 002.jpg 003.jpg 004.jpg

Studio Photoshoots > Session 052 (36 Pixcell)

POSTED ON: 08/08/2018

Starting on August 2nd, Alona will be featured among other israeli actresses on a «Mother» exhibition in Israel at the TLV Mall. Here is the featured picture:


Studio Photoshoots > Session 51 (Israeli Exhibition)

POSTED ON: 04/04/2018

POSTED ON: 11/16/2017

Alona features a new TV Series where she not only plays a character but also is part of the production crew!

0_048.jpg 0_181.jpg 0_225.jpg 0_252.jpg

Television Productions > (2018) Famous Adjacent > Trailer #1

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Television Productions > (2018) Famous Adjacent > Promotional Pictures

POSTED ON: 11/03/2017

POSTED ON: 10/23/2017

POSTED ON: 10/10/2017

Alona made her first appearance on Seal Team on CBS episode 2 as Stella!

0003.jpg 0023.jpg 0045.jpg 0086.jpg

Television Productions > (2017) SEAL Team > (Screencaps) 1×02: Other Lives