POSTED ON: 09/13/2019

This isn’t the first time Alona comes back to give her voice to an animated character. This year, she joins again for the voice of Kat-B320 for Gears 5. She first made Kat’s voice on Halo: Reach in 2010. Here is a small trailer and a short description on her character:

Personagem Kat do jogo Halo: Reach

Kat, also known as Kat-B320 or tennent commander Catherine-B3230, was a Spartan III ffrom UNSC who fought as Noble Two, inside the Noble Team, during the Reach fall, on the 2552 summer inside the Halo: Reach 2010.

Kat is described as sarcastic and with a special humor, yet brilliand and tactical to combat with. This character died at the age of 22 years during an operation.