POSTED ON: 05/13/2019

With an iconic title like NYPD Blue, if you do a reboot, you need to nail every aspect of it with no margin for error. For that reason, I hear that ABC’s NYPD Blue pilot will not be going for fall. I hear ABC brass remain high on the project but feel it needs a little more work.

The pilot, among the buzziest dramas at ABC this season, will be tweaked and likely undergo some reshoots for midseason consideration.

Like the original 1993-2005 ABC series, the follow-up revolves around a core group of 15th Precinct police officers/detectives, led by Theo. It also includes Detective Craig Pettibone (Rick Gomez) and Detective Nicole Lazarus (Alona Tal). Delaney and Brochtrup are reprising their roles as Diane Russell and John Irvin, respectively.

The reboot hails from NYPD Blue alums Matt Olmstead, Nick Wootton and Jesse Bochco. The pilot, a co-production between 20th Century Fox TV — which was behind the original series — and ABC Studios, was written by Olmstead and Wootton. Bochco, son of NYPD Blue co-creator Steven Bochco, who helmed 10 episodes of the original series, is set to direct. All three executive produce, while Steven Bochco’s widow, Dayna Bochco, serves as a producer.