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POSTED ON: 11/27/2017

We finally added ‘Broken City‘ caps to our gallery! Check them out:

0014.jpg 0053.jpg 0116.jpg 0140.jpg

Film Productions > (2013) Broken City > Screencaps

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We all know Alona is a avid supporter on Kickstarter, and here is one of the most recent projects she is backing up!

The Backstrong Chair has a ergonomic design that saves your back! See the project on Kickstarter here.

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Hi everyone! As one of the first tv role (if not her first!) in Israel, Alona played a teenager who worked/lived in a family hotel. Can’t find much on it, but here are screencaps from S1:

 0077.jpg 0047.jpg 0017.jpg 0164.jpg

0078.jpg 0104.jpg 0123.jpg 0109.jpg

Television Productions > (2003) Maya Vacation Rentals

POSTED ON: 08/01/2017

Hi everyone! Since we are slow on news, you can see our latest addition to the gallery as we have completed the Burn Notice section 😉

0075.jpg 0209.jpg 0062.jpg 0115.jpg

0013.jpg 0014.jpg 0220.jpg 0235.jpg

Television Productions > (2013) Burn Notice

POSTED ON: 07/08/2017

Alona is featured in a israeli magazine called AT! This is her first photoshoot from 2017, hopefully more will came!

001.jpg 002.jpg

Studio Photoshoots > Session 047 (AT Magazine)